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Alcohol-related fatalities have been on the decline in recent years, but the fact that fatalities will happen is so predictable, that highway patrol departments across the country issue fatality projections during holiday seasons with astonishing accuracy. Couture Law PA’s drunk driving accident lawyers want you to know the facts about driving while intoxicated in and around Brevard County.

Drunk driving doesn’t just affect the people hurt in an accident. It affects friends, family members, businesses and coworkers of both the victim and the alleged offender. The money needed to prosecute an alleged offender comes out of taxpayer’s pockets. A single drunk driver who causes an accident can have a ripple effect on an entire community.

Most people understand that driving under the influence (DUI) is dangerous. Nevertheless, many people still get behind the wheel after they’ve been drinking. In some cases, an alleged offender can be sued for negligence; forced to pay for medical bills, lost wages and compensation from other losses that stem from an accident caused by drunk driving punitive damages. The Brevard drunk driving accident attorneys at Couture Law PA will dissect your case and work hard to gain the best possible outcome for your case.

Drunk Driving — By the Numbers
Generally speaking, people understand the risks of driving while intoxicated. However, it’s difficult to fully grasp just how dangerous it is without cold, hard facts. For example, a 160-lb male drinks a given number of 12 oz. servings of beer within one hour:

  • 2 Beers
    BAC: approximately .04; well within the legal limits for Florida*
    1.4 times more likely to crash than a sober driver.
    *Excludes drivers under the legal drinking age of 21.
  • 4 Beers
    BAC: approximately .08 – at the legal limit in Florida
    11 times more likely to crash than a sober driver.
  • 6 Beers
    BAC: well over .10 (If a driver is caught with a BAC at this level, he or she will go to jail).
    48 times more likely to be involved in a crash than a sober driver.

More Sobering Statistics (2008)
  • Florida had 22,259 alcohol-related crashes. 667 were in Brevard County (14% of all accidents, 50% of all fatalities)
  • 39.5% of all traffic fatalities in Florida were alcohol-related.
  • The 96-hour period that defines the New Year’s Day holiday experienced the highest number of fatalities per hour (.44). Forty-two people were killed; 62% of those fatalities were alcohol-related.

Couture Law PA represents drunk driving accident victims in Brevard County and its major cities, including Melbourne, Titusville, Palm Bay and the entire Space Coasts and surrounding cities and towns.

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