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Suffering a serious injury is always devastating, but when it happens at the hands of someone who behaved in a negligent or reckless manner, you will feel angry and overwhelmed on top of your physical pain. How are you going to pay your short-term and long-term medical bills? What about your other regular expenses or the property damage you might have incurred? When can you go back to work? Will you ever be the same, physically? If you’ve been hurt by a negligent person or corporate entity in Brevard County, the place to get answers to these questions and more is Couture Law, P.A. Tara Couture and her experienced personal injury lawyers in Melbourne will work tirelessly on your case until we obtain the best possible compensation to cover your losses.

Proving fault in a Florida personal injury case
The mission of your Palm Bay personal injury attorney is to prove that the other person involved in the accident had the obligation not to injure you, but failed in to do so. We must also prove that you suffered damages, which can include anything that costs you money, like medical bills, time off from work, and damaged property. Damages can also include psychological trauma and changes in relationships due to your injuries. Florida’s negligence laws are complex, allowing for a certain percentage of blame to be placed on each person or entity responsible for the accident. This percentage determines how much the negligent party has to pay you. [1] Our Brevard personal injury lawyers have decades of combined experience investigating all types of accidents and injuries due to negligence, including auto accidents, medical malpractice, construction injuries, dog bites and defective products. With the help of our dedicated team of expert witnesses, we will prepare a solid case that gives you the best chance of receiving the maximum possible payout.

Personal injury compensation in Florida
Many people think that they can only receive enough money in a settlement to pay their medical bills and lost wages, but damages can include a wide range of things that have monetary value as well as those that are not quantifiable but make all the difference in your quality of life. In addition to property damage, medical expenses and past and future lost wages, a monetary value will be assigned to the emotional changes that have wreaked havoc on your life after your injuries. The same goes for the effects your injuries have had on your ability to have normal family and marital relations. While no amount of money can reverse the emotional pain and suffering you’ve experienced, your Palm Bay personal injury attorney will fight hard to obtain a fair settlement that at least alleviates your worries about working and paying your bills.

Contact a personal injury attorney today
For personal injury lawyers in Melbourne, Palm Bay and Brevard who genuinely care about helping you regain your financial footing and quality of life, contact Couture Law, P.A. as soon as possible. We work on a contingency basis, which means that we will not take any money from you unless we recover damages from the defendant(s).


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